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all the right charm!

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-04-27
From animals to motorcycles to delicate heart types, a charm bracelet can be matched on every occasion.
It\'s a great way to go with costumes, it\'s fun to show off, there are countless designs today, charm bracelets can really illustrate your personality.
For those with a budget, trendy bracelets can be found on the street and in the corner, and bracelets at high prices can also be foundend stores.
But putting your own charm bracelet together requires some thought and searching around the city.
At Colaba Causeway, its many jewelry shops and street vendors offer you a variety of delightful charms that you can add to your bracelet.
Your T.
Shirt design, high heels, little fruit and letters can also spell out your name --
All prices are above Rs50.
On the mountain road in Bandra, you can find charm bracelets suitable for a more formal dress.
The bracelet is decorated with stone and a combination of colored glass beads can be found from Rs75 or more.
The best way to assemble such a bracelet is to collect a series of charms --
They may all have some meaning, or just fun and colorful add-onons.
Amalfi gem crafts is a delightful shop right next to the causeway with a wide range of antiques and trinkets.
From Rs300 or above, you can get fish, cat, dog, football, sewing machine, motorcycle, most gods and goddesses in Hindu pantheon and other add-onsons too.
If you\'re looking for something more attractive
Grab it, try the crystal bracelet.
These are ready. to-
Wear and tear and the price is about 1 thousand rupees or more.
Another interesting way is to tie a series of charms together with a specially woven rope.
The knot bracelet adds texture and gives it personality. Aquamarine (
Located in Colaba and Bandra)
These bracelets have an interesting version, they use simple and abstract silver ornaments that are tied together with black ropes.
They range from more than 500.
For those who are willing to try, they also have a variety of stone pendants that can serve as fun charm.
For some tubby teddy bears, Hearts, colorful stones, bags, wallets and small animals, try the Taraash charm bracelet between rs50-50.
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