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adapting vintage charms to a pandora charm bracelet

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-05
If you like vintage charm and charm bracelets and are worried that your beloved charm is out of date now, then your favorite vintage charm will not be out of date and the launch of Pandora charm bracelets will never be afraid.
There is an easy way to adjust the charm of your gold and pound for Pandora\'s bracelet.
I will tell you how to do it yourself or where to do it for you.
I will also share with you other delightful things you can do as a charm of Pandora\'s bracelet.
This is my Pandora bracelet.
It has many of my favorite charms and I have adapted to Pandora.
I made my Pandora bracelet feel more like it. . . \"me\".
If you have the right tools, all the photos of Diane CassHow are easy to fit into your favorite vintage charm.
By making several jump rings your charm will be able to hang on Pandora\'s cablelike bracelet.
This is what you need. 18 -
No. 20 gauge pure silver nose pliers (optional)
Crochet (1/4 \"diameter)size J)
Needles, stakes, metal bars or fine metal nails for knitting
Fix one end of the wire next to the stick and wrap your sterling silver wire around it to form the 1 \"part.
Tightly wound line 2-
Remove the wire from stick3-
Cut the ring of the parcel, cut one at a time
Archive the ends of each ring until smooth with no sharp edges. For a demo of how to do this, see the video below. .
This is a good, clear demonstration of jump ring making.
Hardened sterling silver jump ring the newly made sterling silver jump ring is too soft to be used in jewelry.
They will be separated easily.
You can avoid this by hardening the jump ring and lose your precious charm.
Hardening occurs when the metal is hit.
You don\'t want to twist the ring though, so the best way is to use tumbler and small steel balls.
The video below demonstrates how easy this is.
Unwelded welded jump rings can be caught and pulled apart on clothes.
When you put them on your charm, you can avoid this by soldering them.
When holding the ring with some long nose pliers, use a little silver paste and a flashlight.
This video shows how easy it is to protect your charm by welding closed jump rings.
Can you still do other things with it? Do you have a pair of earrings without a partner?
You don\'t wear any more, but you still like small pendants?
Why not turn them into the charm of your Pandora bracelet?
Many of the charms on my bracelet are single earrings, like the Little Smoky stone in the photo.
The charm of turquoise is a small pendant.
I like to find new ways to use old things.
I hate to see them abandoned or worse. . . Get thrown away.
Make jump rings, add them to your Pandora charm bracelet, or take them to your local jeweler if you don\'t feel cunning and ask them to make rings for you.
I had my jeweler make some of mine.
Including welding, each price is about $5.
Don\'t you want to do it yourself? No Problem.
Bring the charm you want to add to your bracelet to a local jeweler who does custom work.
They can make the silver ring you need at a reasonable price.
My local jeweler gave me $5 per piece of material and labor.
It\'s very affordable if you only have a few charms to wear.
Ask around for the best price.
I love charm bracelets all my life.
A lot of people have a precious bracelet, which is a little story in their life;
Where they go, what they do, who is important to them.
Do you have a bracelet?
If so, what is your favorite charm and why?
Do you have a theme for your bracelet?
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