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abc necklace and bracelet for children

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-03
Stylish and educational necklaces and bracelets.
My 2 year old daughter likes necklaces and bracelets and she likes to write letters.
I think it is a good idea to combine the two.
I did this a few weeks ago and tried to wear it every day.
When my daughter saw them, she smiled and said, \"ABC necklace!
\"You can find these materials in a good craft shop.
They may be difficult to find, so you may want to ask for help.
Otherwise, you may wander around and look for all sorts of good things to make other instructions. Materials: 1.
The elastic line is also called the elastic of the grinding plate (
I use 4mm and 6mm in diameter)2.
Beads (
I used colored hearts/beads and golden cubes)(
Color Cube is also shown but not yet used)3. Barrel clasps (
You can do it without these, but they are a good finishing touches)Tools: 1. Scisors 2.
A lighter or match that seals the cutting end of the elastic 3.
Open a pack of beads with your fingers and thumb, arranged in order.
I had to go back to the store and buy two more bags due to the missing letters.
I listed the letters I needed and made sure they were in the new package.
Oh, you can never have too many letters, but what do I do with three Q, three X and four Z?
You will want to arrange your beads on your necklace/bracelet in the order you want.
This will let you know what they will look like and how long it will last.
I decided that the length of my bracelet was about 8 inch and the length of the necklace was about 17 inch.
The gold beads of the bracelet are considered the right size.
The heart shaped beads of the necklace need more beads, so I put the colored spherical beads in the package between each heart shaped beads.
A little longer than needed.
You can cut off the extra parts later.
After cutting the elasticity, melt the end using a lighter or match.
This will close the ends and prevent them from being untied.
It will also make a nice and clean finish that looks good and easily goes through the beads.
Also, it\'s fun to use fire as a tool!
If you make this note with a friend, I would suggest using candles (
More romantic than lighter).
Now that you have laid the beads, all you have to do is screw them onto the elastic beads at once.
When you thread all the beads and feel satisfied with them, end by adding a bucket buckle or tying the ends together.
On my necklace I want the bucket buckle so I tie them in the shape of an eight knot with a stopper knot.
I don\'t want any buckles on the bracelet, so I just tie the ends together with a square knot.
Enjoy your necklace and bracelet.
My daughter is only two years old.
Most beads are recommended for children over the age of three, so I just let her wear them while supervising her.
I wear them mostly so she can play with them while I hold her or sit with me.
She really likes to point out the letters and I think it helps her to learn the letters she doesn\'t know yet.
I may make some text necklaces when she grows up.
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