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Women who have seen the world will not wear these 3 kinds of jewelry-

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-11-25
Women who have seen the world will not wear these 3 kinds of jewelry-KEKE Jewelry Factory
I don’t know if there are such girls around you. They love jewelry very much. There are five fingers on one hand wearing rings, and the neck has never been empty. The bracelets and bracelets on the wrist have several layers. I don’t know. I thought she became rich overnight, in short, the kind that doesn't go out without dressing herself up as 'golden' every day. The most important thing is that the jewelry she wears does not enhance her appearance, but makes her look particularly gorgeous. It's customary, and there is a 'mother feeling' on me. The author of KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that women who have seen the world will not wear these three kinds of jewelry.

1. Exaggerated earrings

Nowadays, people want to look unique and personalized. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, they also choose that kind of very exaggerated jewelry. The author often uses this kind of exaggerated earrings. Exaggerated earrings are not all ugly, not suitable for you, but they are generally difficult to control. If you are not very temperamental, it is best not to try them, otherwise they will be very rustic, and the whole person will appear to be lacking in temperament and worth a lot. Like never seen before.

2. Zinc alloy ring

Zinc alloy rings and gold rings must be distinguished. Simple gold rings can enhance your temperament, but more exaggerated zinc alloy rings are very expensive. Many people like to wear metal rings, and some like to wear several on one hand, which may feel very trendy. In fact, the zinc alloy ring will give people a cheap feeling, especially after it is rusted, it looks like it was picked up from a garbage dump, it seems that you are very rustic and tacky, and women who have seen the world generally do not wear them. If you really want to wear a ring, please wear the titanium steel ring with a simple and elegant design, which will make you look more trendy and more temperamental.

3. Gold bracelet

Although gold rings are more temperamental, gold bracelets are not, because gold is more exaggerated, and jewelry processing can only be simple and generous. If it is too complicated, it will look very rustic. There are some patterns engraved on it, which will give you a sense of aunt when you wear it, which is very old-fashioned.

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