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Why wearing silver earrings can also cause allergies.

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-11-19
Why wearing silver earrings can also cause allergies.

W: I bought a pair of silver earrings online. After wearing them for only one day, my ears became itchy and allergic. Why?

D: Everyone's physique is different, so the same earring, some people will be allergic to wearing it, and some people have no reaction at all.

In order to allow people with allergies to wear them, it is recommended to buy silver earrings produced by a silver earring factory, because silver earrings are precious metal environmentally friendly materials and also use environmentally friendly electroplating, so they will basically not cause allergies.

Regarding your allergy to wearing silver earrings, is it because you have not worn earrings for a long time, and your ears suddenly rub against the silver earrings, causing temporary discomfort?

If it is not for this reason, it is that the earrings you buy on the Internet are not real silver earrings, but earrings made of alloy materials, and they are not electroplated with environmental protection. Most people wearing such earrings will cause allergies.
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