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Why do some people say that bracelets can't be worn casually?

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-12-03
Why do some people say that bracelets can't be worn casually? KEKE jewelry factory
Why do some people say that bracelets can't be worn casually? The KEKE jewelry processing factory specially went to find the answer to this question. The reason why the bracelet cannot be worn casually is that it is different from other jewelry. It not only contains profound meanings, but also has various kinds of attention when wearing it. Let's take a look at what's important!

1. If you wear a bracelet and a ring at the same time, you should consider whether the two are coordinated in terms of style, material, and color.
2. When stacking, don't wear bracelets with different materials on one hand, such as titanium steel bracelets and silver bracelets, otherwise it is easy to collide, and a bracelet with a light hardness will be scratched.
3. It is relatively easy to wear a bracelet in the morning, mainly because the human body is at noon, due to the expansion of human blood vessels, so it is not easy to wear a bracelet.
4. The experience of KEKE jewelry processing factory for many years suggests that for those who are wearing bracelets for the first time, they need to pay attention to the inner diameter of the bracelet they choose. If the inner diameter is too small, it will cause discomfort due to the close contact with the wrist skin, and even affect blood circulation. ; If the inner diameter is too large, it is easy to fall off and break during the swing of the hand, and the one that suits you is the best.
Although everyone thinks that a bracelet is just an ornament, we still need to know these details when wearing a bracelet! KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that a beautiful bracelet can highlight the temperament of the whole person, so, in addition to these attention, it is also very important to choose a beautiful bracelet that suits you.

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