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What work does a jewelry factory need to do to produce a good product?

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-12-06
What work does a jewelry factory need to do to produce a good product?
For every manufacturer, producing good products is their most important job, because only in this way can they increase their profits and have good sales and good reputation when they flow into the market. So how can they produce a good product? good product? Let the author of the jewelry factory tell us about it.

First of all, as a designer, in addition to the minimum hand-painted modeling ability, software drawing ability, thinking ability and aesthetic ability, and keen insight ability, before designing each necklace, it is necessary to fully give the necklace the necessary soul and integrate into the necklace. The idea that the necklace itself wants to express, so that the necklace can speak without opening its mouth;

For example, after the necklace is designed, when starting up, the flexibility and tenacity of each movable part of the chain and pendant should be fully considered to ensure the beauty and sturdiness of the chain and pendant;

During the operation, it must be carefully crafted to ensure that every polishing is smooth and flawless;

If platinum plating is required, choose hydropower or vacuum power according to the physical shape, and the number of electroplating should not be too small;

Once the necklace is ready, it must undergo a tensile test to ensure that the chain does not fall off and continues to chain;

Of course, when choosing raw materials, be sure to choose good environmental protection materials, even imported ones.

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