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What is the process of making stainless steel earrings?

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-12-03
What is the process of processing stainless steel earrings? KEKE Jewelry Factory
Stainless steel jewelry is a standard for fashionable young people, and ear studs are one of the most popular accessories. Do you know the process of processing stainless steel ear studs? I think a lot of people should be interested in this, so let me tell you about the whole production process.

No matter what kind of jewelry it is, the first step must be to design first, then proofing, and then go directly to mass production after confirmation. Today we will focus on the production process. Generally, it is based on the graphics to analyze which process should be used and determine the production process. Usually, the processing of stainless steel ear studs in jewelry factories will use laser cutting to cut out the required jewelry graphics, and the ear studs will be finished by corrosion and glue.

Most of the stainless steel ear studs will be processed by vacuum electroplating to make the surface more bright and keep the color longer. Through the above steps, a stainless steel earring is processed like this. I believe everyone has already understood the production process of this jewelry.

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