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What is the difference between the early definition of jewelry and the modern definition?

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-12-08
What is the difference between the early definition of jewelry and the modern definition? KEKE jewelry manufacturers
We all know that jewelry is an ornament worn on a person, but have you seriously understood its definition? KEKE jewelry manufacturers specially checked the information and found that its definition has also changed with the progress of the times.

The original meaning only refers to the ornaments worn on the head, and now it generally refers to earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc., which are processed with precious metals and gemstones. Jewelry is generally used to decorate the human body, and also has the meaning of expressing social status and wealth.

1. Early definition; in earlier times, jewelry refers to accessories worn on the head. Jewelry is also called jewelry in China''head and face'', such as comb, hairpin, crown, etc.

2. Modern definition; also known as jewelry in a narrow sense, refers to jewelry made of various metal materials or gemstone materials, which is matched with clothing to play a decorative role. Since most of the jewelry uses rare precious metals and jewelry, the value is higher. In modern times, clothing is mostly woven, and a variety of low-value materials are also used. This is clearly different from jewelry.

3. Broad definition; refers to decorations made of various metal materials, gemstone materials, organic materials and imitations to decorate the human body and its related environment. It can be seen that jewelry in a broad sense has included part of the scope of jewelry, accessories, and ornaments, or the three have moved into one, which is the development direction of today's jewelry industry. With the acceleration of the social rhythm, new materials and new concepts continue to enter, making the boundaries of jewelry more and more blurred.

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