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What is a jewelry board?

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-12-02
What is a jewelry board? KEKE jewelry factory
Jewelry starting version is a saying in the industry, which is to make the original template of the metal part of the jewelry.

The first step of making jewelry is to make a template by hand with silver according to the drawings designed by the designer. The starting version has a relatively high technical content and is also one of the most difficult jewelry processing technologies to master. For any design, only with the original version can it be cast in batches. The quality of the version (beautiful and accurate) determines the quality of the cast jewelry.

The starting master needs to make the original mold of this jewelry according to the design drawings. And it is necessary to give all the stones inlaid on this jewelry to the master, so that the master can constantly compare and ensure a close fit. There will be a file board in front of each master's desk, and this board may follow him for more than ten years.

The starting point is the core of the entire jewelry making process, so the income of the master in this process is one of the highest in the entire craft. Its role is equivalent to the original painting in the animation production process. It defines the overall shape, style and taste of the piece of jewelry.

A good start-up master should have more than ten years of work experience

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