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What are the different styles of wearing rings for men and women?

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-11-26
What are the different styles of wearing rings for men and women? KEKE jewelry factory
The custom of wearing rings has been handed down since ancient times. In the earliest days, people worshipped the sun very much, thinking that it could bring light and warmth to people. In order to express their respect for the sun, people made metal into the shape of the sun and put it on their fingers. , I hope you can protect yourself and your family in the happiness and well-being. Up to now, the ring has evolved into a symbol of love. Both men and women will wear rings on each other when they get engaged and married, hoping that their love will last forever and love each other for a lifetime.

Like people, rings are actually divided into male and female models. Wearers of different genders have obvious differences in material, style and meaning:


Men are naturally bold, generous, and afraid of trouble. Therefore, the styles tend to be simple, and some decorative patterns will be simplified as much as possible in the design. Totems, etc., for consumers in need to choose. In terms of material, male wearers of rings of different materials can also show different personalities:

Men who wear sterling silver rings are generally mild-mannered, easy to contact, easy to communicate, empathetic, and easy to accommodate others;

Men who choose to wear gold rings are generally more flexible in their minds and pay attention to interests, which are often seen in business people;

Men who choose to wear rings such as gemstones and jadeite will pay more attention to the quality of life, have high taste, and be very rigorous.


Women are naturally colorful and like to wear all kinds of ornaments. The rings they wear will not be simply distinguished by material and pattern. They like different materials and styles, especially those inlaid with gems. Briefly summarize:

Girls who like pink diamonds or pink corals are more naive and emotional, have rich and romantic feelings, and often have unrealistic fantasies. They are typical representatives of little girls;

Women who like rubies or red tourmalines are very enthusiastic, and they do things simply and neatly without being sloppy;

Women who like sapphire or aquamarine are introverted and quiet, cold in temperament, calm in doing things, and are often seen in white-collar women in the workplace;

Women who like emeralds or turquoises have delicate feelings, delicate and sensitive personalities, and are easily hurt.

However, both men and women will wear the ring on the left hand by coincidence. On the one hand, it is because people think that the left hand can bring more luck to themselves, and wearing the ring on the left hand can bring more luck to their love. Being able to be with the person you love will last forever. On the other hand, wearing a ring on your left hand is less likely to affect your work, so an unwritten agreement is formed.

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