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Special craftsmanship to make stainless steel diamond ring.

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-11-21
Special craftsmanship to make stainless steel diamond ring.

1. Choose a loose diamond: When choosing a loose diamond, you must choose the size and size of the diamond according to your budget, and you must also understand the '4Cs' of diamonds, and choose a loose diamond with suitable weight, cleanness, cut and color.

2. Test ring: The thickness of the fingers is different. Choosing the right ring can achieve the best wearing effect. It is not advisable to choose a diamond ring that is too thick. A diamond ring that is too thick will shake up and down and the band will be unstable. If the ring is too thin, the blood circulation of the fingers will be poor, and long-term use will also lead to deformation of the fingers.

Choose a style: When we choose a ring style, we should choose according to our own style characteristics, hand shape and diamond size. People with a lively personality are better to choose a more fancy style, while those with thin fingers can choose a gorgeous style, and those with thick and short fingers are more suitable for a simple and generous style. Depending on the size of the diamond, choose a style. If the diamond you choose is relatively large, do not choose a style with a bottom bracket.

Made to order.

Advantage 1: Custom diamond rings are unique.

Advantage 2: Customized diamond ring, the quality is more transparent and more intuitive.

Advantage 3: Customized diamond ring, the price is concise, and very favorable.


cut off.

Cutting off is the only reason for the human factor. A shrewd diamond cutter can polish a good diamond to dazzling brilliance, he can fully reflect the light inside the gem to the surface of the diamond. The cutter will cut it symmetrically like a mirror.

A good diamond mine can go to waste due to unskilled cutters. A diamond with an ideal cut should be round with 58 sharp edges on the cut to maximize light reflection. A high-quality diamond is highly valued, with strong reflections and symmetry, but a poorly cut diamond may not be able to bring out its brilliance because it is cut too deep or too shallow. The polishing process can also affect the quality of a diamond, and a perfectly cut, symmetrical diamond will lose its value because it is not polished well enough.


Some large jewelry stores will use a comparative method to list diamonds of different colors and list diamonds of different colors together to help customers compare, because ordinary customers cannot distinguish the color of diamonds with the naked eye. Its color is colorless as the top grade, and gradually takes the second place as the yellow becomes darker.


Overall, the diamond's value is determined by flaws. To be precise, it depends on the amount of impurities in the drilling. Almost every piece of ore drilled contains impurities, and even the best drills will have a little flaw. If it has an LC clarity, it can be considered flawless.


People used to regard carat as the decisive criterion for the value of a diamond. If someone said they bought a 2 carat diamond, people would find it incredible. In fact, a diamond's cut, color, clarity and weight are just as important to a diamond's value. A poorly cut, yellowish, defective 2-carat diamond is worth far less than a perfectly cut, transparent and pure diamond. Therefore, the weight of a diamond is not the main factor in determining its value. The weight of a diamond still affects its value. Find out if the diamond weight the jeweler tells you is accurate. So when you buy a diamond, ask your jeweler to measure the diamond on-site, and if the jeweler is reluctant to do so, go to another store.


Mosaic is also an important part. Poor bezels can cause a lot of trouble and can cause the diamond to fall out. Therefore, when buying a diamond ring, be sure to check whether the bracket is firm and whether the thickness of the joint with the diamond is large enough.


There are more and more styles of rings on the market, and designers are constantly innovating. And more classic styles come in round, oval, pearl and square. The shape of the diamond generally does not affect value and quality. On the contrary, it better reflects the beauty and original shape of the diamond before it is cut.

Pay attention.

Your diamond should certify its authenticity and should indicate the quality, weight, cutting technique (and origin) of the diamond. The diamond ring you buy is that guarantee.
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