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Small knowledge of jewelry factory, answers to jewelry processing questions?

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-12-09
Small knowledge of jewelry factory, answers to jewelry processing questions? KEKE jewelry factory

1. Why don't small sellers get the goods from us?

Friends who set up shops and stalls often come to us to get goods, but we do not recommend them to come to us, why? Because we are a factory, not a wholesaler, we don't have stock in stock, and we can't take out things for customers to choose. We all recommend that such small sellers go to the wholesale market to get the goods, where there are many kinds of goods, you can get the goods directly; you come to our factory To make goods, firstly, you have to have so many design drafts, and secondly, there is a delivery cycle. In many cases, the customer gives us drawings, and then we make the goods according to the drawings. It takes about two weeks for the samples to come out. , that is, mass-produced products. It depends on the quantity. It is about a month. For example, for a few customers we have cooperated with for a long time, the delivery cycle is about three months. Small sellers can’t afford it either.

2. Why is the delivery cycle so long?

In fact, it doesn't take long to make the goods. The time is mainly spent on communication. The customer gave us the design draft, then drew the CAD and 3D drawings, then sprayed wax, made the steel plate, laminated the film, made the sample, and gave it to the customer. Mailing samples, customer confirmation, every link in the middle, 3D drawings, wax spray, samples, all need customer confirmation, so the back and forth communication and modification will take a long time.

3. How to ensure that the quality of the goods meets the customer's requirements?

Each process is manually inspected twice, and the customer video is qualified before continuing to the next process. Customers can also dispatch QC.

4. What are the procedures for customer ordering?

First of all, the customer must give the design drawing. Sometimes the customer's design drawing is imperfect and looks good, but it does not conform to industrial production. For example, it is easy to deform without support, for example, the stone is easy to fall, etc., which requires communication and modification of the design. Figure; or customers take a fancy to our style and make simple modifications to it, such as adding a brand logo, etc.

6. Why don't we do bulk order customization?

We can do it too, but it's very troublesome and the factory doesn't make any money.

7. Can we add an appraisal certificate?

Yes, but you need to pay extra.

8. Can we help customers with delivery?

Yes, but very troublesome. better not.

9. Why doesn't our factory work in two shifts like the electronics factory?

No Process can be done, but not necessary.

10. What is the strength of our factory?

how to say? Exaggerate that you don’t believe it, and low-key say that you feel that this factory has no strength. The fourth floor of Fujia Industrial Zone, Yongtou Village, Chang'an Town, Foshan, covering a total area of ​​1,300 square meters. See for yourself.

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