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KEKE jewelry processing factory will take stock of the diversity of titanium steel necklaces for you

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-12-05
Necklaces have always been popular accessories, such as necklaces made of titanium steel necklaces, silver, leather, glass, silk ropes, etc., mainly for matching fashion, emphasizing novelty, strangeness, beauty and popularity.

Since the birth of necklaces, in order to meet the aesthetic needs of people of different skin tones, people of the same nationality and different aesthetics, we have produced a variety of necklaces with different styles, different characteristics and styles. KEKE jewelry processing factory has been innovating the research and development of titanium steel necklace in combination with new fashion elements.

For the diversity of necklaces, there are generally square silk chains, horse whip lotus, double sets of chains and three sets of chains, fancy chains, mechanism chains and other styles. The following is a detailed introduction:

1. Square silk chain: Refined by hand and machined into semi-finished products. Its diameter is light and thin, which is more suitable for people with slender necks and has a slender and soft decorative effect.

2. Horsewhip chain: Compared with other styles, it is thicker and stronger, and it is mainly made by hand. The style belongs to the mature type.

3. Double sets of chains: It has a strong three-dimensional sense, and its jewelry processing technology is relatively more complicated. The disadvantage is that the connected places are not strong, and it is not very convenient to maintain.

4. Fancy chain: It has a variety of shapes and belongs to a relatively new titanium steel necklace style. Because of the variety of styles, some are composed of square silk chains or horsewhip chains with delicate patterns; they are also composed of rough chain bodies with varied embellishments, and some are combined with other accessories to make them more gorgeous.

5. Mechanism chain: There are often a variety of abstract patterns such as fringe, streamline and three-dimensional shape on the appearance. All formed by machining.

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