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Improper wearing of jewelry will affect our health?

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-12-05
Improper wearing of jewelry will affect our health?
I heard many people say that wearing jewelry can also affect our health, is this true? We all know that there are many types of jewelry on the market, and the materials are different. We need to make a distinction. The following jewelry processing factory will tell you how the wearing of jewelry affects our health:
Wearing jewelry correctly and reasonably can not only adorn our life but also be beneficial to our health. For example, wearing earrings can not only be used for decoration, but also can play a role in preventing and treating eye diseases. Guangzhou Jewelry Processing Factory said that because the human auricle looks like an inverted miniature of the human body in appearance, it is closely related to the twelve meridians and viscera of the human body. on the acupoint. If the ear hole is pierced in this position, it can help protect the eyes and prevent eye diseases. According to the principle of TCM meridian, a copper bracelet was developed. After wearing it, shoulder soreness and headache can be relieved, which is very popular among people.

For example, the earrings worn on the ears are too large, which will cause local overload and strong stimulation. There are many meridians in the ears, and the overload may lead to diseases. Guangzhou jewelry processing factory said that if you often wear jewelry containing lead and tin, it will cause lead poisoning. Necklaces rubbed with mercury can easily cause mercury poisoning. Wearing gold jewelry during sunbathing and exercising can cause skin burns due to heat.

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