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From ancient times to the present, the development of jewelry contains a variety of emotional attributes

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-11-22
Like flowers, jewelry not only has a beautiful appearance, but you may not know that jewelry also contains emotional elements. KeKe Jewelry starts from the primitive society and takes you to understand the emotional attributes contained in jewelry.

Since people in primitive society began to wear primitive body ornaments, jewelry contains primitive human emotions—a pair of worship of strength and nature. Primitive humans lived in extremely harsh environments. They used captured beast teeth and furs for jewelry processing and hung them on themselves as jewelry to gain the strength of those dead animals. This belongs to one of the origin theories of jewelry, the survival theory.

Later, with the gradual formation of a class society, the emotional factors in jewelry processing added religious and social attributes to mark wealth status in society. For example, powerful people will wear gold jewelry, and religious people will wear objects of their beliefs, such as crosses, wolf teeth, lion head appearance and so on. Looking at the present, the religious attributes of jewelry still exist, but the social attributes are gradually weakening, and the basic beautifying and decorative attributes of jewelry have returned to our lives.

Modern consumers tend to pay more attention to the emotional meaning conveyed in jewelry, not only for clothing matching, but also for the pursuit of fashion characteristics. Some are also used as emotional sustenance to recall the past and commemorate the people and years that have passed. KeKe Jewelry believes that we should know why these emotional factors exist.
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