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Face shape and skin tone options for stainless steel earrings.

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-11-19
Face shape and skin tone options for stainless steel earrings.

Square face shape: Suitable for a pair of round, oblong, key or curly line earrings (earrings), which can cushion the edges and corners of the face shape.

Not suitable for urban square, triangle or square earrings.

Round face; wearing angular, zigzag, leaf-shaped, pointed earrings can create a sense of slenderness and make people look delicate.

Heart-shaped: It is advisable to wear a triangle and a large circle to form a pincer-shaped sun ring, so that the face shape and earrings appear harmonious.

Slim face: Wear button earrings to make your face look wider.

Triangular face: It is best to wear earrings that are narrow and wide at the bottom, such as heart-shaped, pear-shaped, etc., which can make the originally thin and pointed bottom appear plump and delicate.

Oval or Oval Face: Women with this face shape look better with earrings.

You can wear earrings in any shape and style.

Color is the most popular form of beauty, so the coordination of earring color and skin tone cannot be ignored.

Skin tone select earrings.

White skin tone: Opt for earrings with darker colors such as bright red, dark purple, coffee or talk red earrings.

This skin tone - there is relatively more room to choose earring colors, and most shades of earrings can get a better decorative effect.

Bronze skin: Wear light-colored, bright earrings such as cream ivory, cream agate, light green moonstone, or light purple crystal earrings.

Yellow Skin Tone: A variety of silver earrings and white gold alloy earrings are best.

Black skin tones: Silver and white earrings are best.

Gold earrings are suitable for all skin tones and are a mild warm color with a pure, bright and rich feel.

The color of the pearl is also suitable to match with various skin tones.

Pearl earrings can do the same for fair skin or any other color.
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