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Do you know the meaning of rings of different materials?

by:Keke Jewelry     2023-12-01
Do you know the meaning of rings of different materials? KEKE jewelry factory

Rings are small rings that are placed on the fingers for commemoration or decoration, and are made of metal, jade, etc., such as titanium steel rings, jade rings, gold rings and so on. Where the ring belongs to is invented and created, we still do not have a complete basis to prove it. But in China, wearing rings has a history of at least two thousand years. KEKE Jewelry Factory According to a large number of documents, Chinese women generally wore rings during the Qin and Han Dynasties. The ring spread to the people, its role is not only a simple decoration. Men and women love each other, give gifts to each other, and pledge to each other.

Rings of different materials have different meanings. For example, diamonds symbolize eternity. In Europe and the United States, on every wedding anniversary, husbands usually present their wives with diamond rings and precious metals to show the loyalty of love. Emerald represents love, pearl symbolizes nobility, amethyst represents health, alertness and luck, and crystal makes more people fall in love at first sight with its unique magnetic energy.

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