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a new york plastic bag ban: what is cuomo proposing and is it a good thing?

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-09-17
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The plastic bag ban is back. Gov. Andrew M.
Cuomo said on Sunday that he would push for a statewide ban on singles
Using plastic shopping bags as part of his 2019 budget plan, he will introduce the plan in Albany on Tuesday.
Over the years, efforts to regulate new York bags have been discussed;
In last April, the governor first introduced legislation banning such ubiquitous plastic bags.
The bill stalled among Republicans.
More than a year ago, he led the state Senate.
Como and the state legislature blocked a 5-
New York City officials want to charge cents for the luggage.
As plastic bags pollute sidewalks, landfill sites and waterways, the ban on plastic bags has become a controversial issue.
Several New York City shopping bag laws have been enacted after dozens of local governments across the country have passed bans, fees or a combination of the two.
But the details about Sir.
Cuomo\'s offer on Monday was minimal, raising questions about its potential impact.
In a statement on Sunday, the governor\'s office said
Como will propose a ban on \"single\"
Use plastic bags.
\"It does not provide a specific definition, but the language indicates
Cuomo will target the plastic bags offered to customers by retailers.
The bill he introduced last year provides a wide range of ban exemptions, including bags containing raw meat, fish or poultry;
Bags for bulk packaging of fruits and dry goods;
Take-out food bags used in restaurants;
And newspaper bags.
It is not clear whether these exemptions will remain in Mr.
Como\'s proposal this year
Eric Goldstein says most bags are not biodegradable and may end up littering on the streets, hanging on trees or contaminated water lanes, the environmental director of the New York City Council for the conservation of natural resources.
Just like plastic straws that are also under review, bags are also the source of a large amount of plastic in the ocean.
In 2016, a report from the World Economic Forum pointed out that by 2050, the plastic weight of the world\'s oceans will exceed that of fish.
Toxic chemicals are released after plastic breaks down, threatening marine life. Also, Mr.
Bags are generally not recycled, says Goldstein.
Even if they are sent to the recycling facility, they are thin and can block the equipment, slow down the recycling process and make recycling more expensive.
In his statement
Cuomo said his proposal would \"reduce the garbage in our community, protect our water and create a cleaner, greener New York for all.
In his statement
Cuomo did not mention the paper bag he carried with him, and he did not propose to regulate the paper bag in his bill last year.
Because of this, some lawmakers and environmental groups have warned that this year\'s measures may not be enough to solve the problem of waste and pollution.
Lawmakers who recommend charging bags or bans often try to guide consumers to carry reusable bags while shopping.
But attorney and sustainability consultant Jennie Romer, who works with lawmakers, says that when people
They usually take it apart from the plastic bag.
\"We learned from experience that if you just ban plastic, an unforeseen consequence is that the use of paper bags increases,\" Ms. Romer said.
Paper has an impact on the environment.
In addition to the use of raw materials, Sir
Paper making is an energy source, says Goldstein.
An intensive process of generating air and water pollution.
In addition, paper bags are heavier than plastic bags, and it takes more fossil fuel to transport them.
Food retailers are also concerned about legislation that does not involve the use of paper bags.
Mike Durant, head of the New York state Food Industry Alliance, said the ban on plastic bags alone would put pressure on retailers because of the higher cost of storing and transporting paper bags.
A bill proposed by State Senator Todd D.
President of the Senate Environmental Protection Committee and Democrat Kaminsky from Long Island proposed to use 10-
Paper bags are divided.
On Twitter, Liz Krueger, a Democratic senator from Manhattan, also called for paper bags, which he tried to ban in 2018.
After Cuomo\'s measures are enacted, New York will become the second state to ban singles after California.
Use plastic shopping bags.
In fact, Hawaii also prohibits carrying these bags, as they are prohibited in all counties.
In addition, many cities, including big cities such as Chicago and Washington, charge for the luggage of retail store customers. Washington’s 5-
The cents for paper bags and plastic bags came into effect on 2010.
City officials say the law has significantly reduced the consumption of disposable plastic bags there, and a foundation that monitors waste in Washington\'s waterways says the number of plastic bags removed has decreased by 72% in the clean-up process.
Chicago passed the ban on thin and light plastic bags in 2015, and then abolished the law in 2016 and took 7-
Paper and plastic cents.
A 2018 study by researchers at the University of Chicago and New York University showed that the city\'s use of disposable plastic bags dropped by 40%.
Around the world, countries including Israel and Ireland also charge for plastic bags.
In Israel, the government said that the use of disposable plastic bags in supermarket chains fell by 80% in the year after the law came into effect.
In Ireland, only a few weeks after the tax was passed in 2002, the use of plastic bags fell by 94%. Yes. In 2008, then-Mayor Michael R.
Bloomberg appeal 6-
Cents for plastic bags.
After considerable opposition to the proposal, he gave up the proposal.
On May 2016, the City Council voted by a narrow margin-cent bag fee.
But a coalition of state councillors stepped in, saying that the postage was equivalent to government overspending, which would put an unnecessary financial burden on poor New Yorkers.
The organization has put forward a bill to prevent the city from implementing charges.
This legislation was passed.
Como signed a law.
At that time, the governor said that the law of the city was \"flawed\" and that it would allow merchants to keep 5-
Divide the wallet fee as a profit.
After he stopped the city\'s operations, the governor set up a task force to issue a report on last January.
The report presents eight possibilities.
Including the ban on plastic bags and the charging scheme
And outlined concerns about paper bags.
For a long time, other New York municipal authorities have set up a package fee.
Suffolk County Long Island approval 5-
Paper bags and plastic bags that came into effect on last January.
Nassau County Mayor Tan, also located on Long Island, approved a 5-
The penny of plastic bags that started in 2017.
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