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A few simple steps to rejuvenate your titanium steel jewelry!

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-15
A few simple steps to rejuvenate your titanium steel jewelry!
Titanium steel jewelry, as a popular jewelry now, is often worn by many people. After wearing it for a long time, the gloss of the jewelry surface will decrease and look dull. In fact, it only takes a few simple steps to rejuvenate titanium steel jewelry.

Our KEKE jewelry processing factory first understands why titanium steel jewelry loses its gloss. There are many reasons. The common one is that it is worn for a long time, and the surface is stained with dirt, which leads to a decrease in gloss. We can try to wash the jewelry in warm water, it is better to add neutral detergent, remember to be neutral, otherwise it will be self-defeating, so that the gloss will be improved instantly.

There are also some jewelry that will be worn, and if conditions permit, they can be wiped with abrasive paper, which can have a polishing effect to a certain extent. For titanium steel jewelry, if you like it very much, then maintenance must be something you should insist on. Only regular maintenance can make titanium steel jewelry continue to rejuvenate and prolong its service life.

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