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a few reasons why people wear silver jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-23
Silver jewelry is commonly worn today for many reasons.
Here are some reasons why people like silver jewelry: 1.
A good alternative to gold: Everyone knows that silver and gold are expensive gems, but silver is cheaper than gold, but the expensive of these two gems almost puts their value at the same level.
So if a material is not gold, then the next question is, is it silver? x94.
That\'s why many people use silver as a substitute for gold.
Some of these people may have gold jewelry, but they will want to change from time to time, so they are other gems such as silver or diamonds.
But some people couldn\'t afford gold at that time, so they went to buy silver. 2.
As Jesus died on the cross, the Virgin Mary carried many religious jewels such as Jesus, rosary, wreath, finger rosary.
Usually silver, many people like to express their religious beliefs through these religious jewelry. 3.
Color combination: Sometimes when a person thinks she is wearing a good combination, silver jewelry will be more suitable than gold or other types of jewelry. 4.
In addition to being more affordable than gold or other gems such as platinum or diamonds, there are many forms of silver.
More forms than other stones.
In many offices, for example, there are more silver coatings on furniture than gold.
Many mobile phone liners are silver;
There are also silver door handles, etc.
Because individuals usually prefer to have a lot of things to choose from, silver jewelry may sell more than gold. 5.
The classic brilliant metallic luster created by silver ornaments usually attracts every young and old man, whether male or female.
So, what I want to say is that another important reason people like to use silver jewelry is the fascinating look created by Silver. 6.
The cleaning and maintenance of silver jewelry is very simple, I will explain briefly below: Make sure you use 100% soft cotton cloth or very soft bristles like a babiesbrush brush, which is very important, because silver is a soft metal, it is easy to be scratched by hard materials.
Cleaning the silver with paper can cause small scratches that will zoom in later to make the jewelry look uncomfortable.
Clean the detergent with a small amount of very mild strength and put in more warm water.
It is very important to avoid the use of strong or rough strength, so as not to wash off the polish on the jewelry.
After cleaning, rinse and dry with plenty of warm water before storing in a sealed container.
If more in-depth cleaning is required, some silver cleaning cream or silver cleaning liquid can be used.
When choosing a jewelry cleaner, be sure to read its reaction to the gem so as not to change color on your precious jewelry.
In conclusion, there are many reasons why people wear silver jewelry, from personal preferences to economic reasons to the simplicity of care.
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