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5 reasons to choose stainless steel jewelry-

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-14
5 reasons to choose stainless steel jewelry-KEKE jewelry factory
There are all kinds of jewelry in the market, why do you recommend stainless steel jewelry? KEKE jewelry factory gives you five reasons that you can't refuse.

1. Stainless steel jewelry has high strength. It has high strength, its tensile strength is 686-1176mpa, and the density is only 60% of that of steel, so the specific strength is very high, there is no scratches in daily life, and no deliberate maintenance is required.

Second, anti-oxidation, high hardness. The hardness of the titanium alloy (annealed state) is 32-38, and the stainless steel jewelry will not rust and age, and it will continue to be beautiful.

3. The vacuum plating film layer can keep the color for 1 to 3 years. There is no need to change the style frequently, and there is no need to worry about fading.

Fourth, strong acid and alkali resistance, excellent high temperature and low temperature performance. At high temperatures, titanium alloys can still maintain excellent mechanical properties, their heat resistance is much higher than that of aluminum alloys, and the working temperature design is wider. Today, the working temperature of new heat-resistant titanium alloys can reach 550-600 °C; at low temperatures , the strength of titanium alloy is higher than that at room temperature, and it has excellent resistance. Low-temperature titanium alloy can maintain excellent resistance at -253 ℃, and it will not be corroded by sweat when wearing sports.

Fifth, in most of the fashion jewelry wholesale, due to strong corrosion resistance. 316L stainless steel (ie stainless steel) in the air below 550 ℃, the surface will sensitively form a thin and fine titanium oxide film, so in the atmosphere, seawater, nitric acid and sulfuric acid and other oxidizing media and strong alkali, its corrosion resistance is better than Most of the stainless steel, stainless steel jewelry made of 316L stainless steel selected by the jewelry factory is more high-quality.

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